"Al-Hilal" and "Al-Hazem" ( 3-2 ) 🔥 Match Goals HighLights 🏆 MBS

Al Hilal scored a great return to Al Hazm in the 26th round of the Saudi league championship and won 3-2. Al Hilal lifted their lead to 60 points in second place and returned the lead with Al Nasr to a point. Al Hazem remained with 27 points.

هدف الحزم الأول ضد الهلال - روديلفو ألميدا

هدف الحزم الثاني ضد الهلال - زوراب تسيكاريدز

هدف الهلال الأول ضد الحزم - بافتيمبي غوميز

هدف الهلال الثاني ضد الحزم - بافتيمبي غوميز

هدف الهلال الثالث ضد الحزم - جوناثان سوريانو

Al-Hazem scored a goal from the start, with Brazilian striker Rodolfo Almeida scoring the ball in the penalty area. Al-Hilal defender Ali Al-Belihi brilliantly maneuvered the ball into the net in the 18th minute.

The home side added the second goal in stoppage time from the first half through Georgian defender Zurab Tsiskaridz header after a ball lifted by Almeida from a corner.

But the return of Al Hilal was strong in the second half, with French striker Bavetembe Gomes scoring the goal to reduce the lead in the 48th minute with a superb header after a ball from the right.

Mohammed Al Shalhoub missed the equalizer when he missed a penalty in the 69th minute, but Gomes Awad missed the equalizer in the 73rd minute after a pass from Al Shalhoub.

But the leader insisted on scoring the winning goal, and was succeeded by veteran striker Jonathan Soriano in stoppage time.