'Al Nassr' and 'Al Zawra' ( 2-1 ) 🔰 Match Goals & HighLights 🔰 AFC Champions League

The match between Al-Zawra and Iraqi Al-Nasr ended in the fourth group stage of the AFC Champions League held at Karbala Stadium with a 2-1 win over Al-Nasr.

ملخص مباراة الزوراء والنصر السعودي 1-2 🔥 حفيظ دراجي 🔥 دوري أبطال آسيا

With this result, Al-Nasr increased its lead to 6 points to become the second group, and Al-Zawra scored 4 points to become third in the standings.

The hosts opened the scoring in the 30th minute of the life of the meeting, with a wonderful shot from inside the penalty area by the Iraqi striker Alaa Abbas settled in the goalkeeper Walid Abdullah.

In the 56th minute, Saudi Arabia scored the equalizer after Al-Nasr player Abdullah Al-Salem and Al-Zawra goalkeeper Jalal Hassan hit the ball to prepare for the goal.

Al-Nasr scored the winner in the 98th minute of the match through Nawaf Al-Farshan, from a quick counter-attack, ending Al-Farshan with a ground shot from inside the penalty area, to the right of goalkeeper Jalal Hassan.

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