Barcelona and Villarreal ( 4-4 ) 🔥 Match Goals & HighLights 🔥 La Liga

Barcelona scored a great return to Villarreal in the 30th round of the Primera Liga, which took place at the Lasiramica Stadium, and ended with a draw (4-4) after Barcelona were 2-4 behind, Barcelona move up to 70 points in the lead 8 points behind Atletico II, Villarreal lifted his lead to 30 points and became 16th.

ملخص مباراة بـرشـلـو نـة وفـيـاريـال 4-4 - تعادل مثير - عوده البرسا

n the first minutes of the meeting saved the keeper of Barcelona Mark André Terje Stegen goal of his team from two goals investigators, where he faced a wonderful header from the player Vicente Ibora in the seventh minute, and after one minute he managed brilliantly to leave the player Villarreal of the Nigerian wing fast Samuel Shukwizi, A new corner for the owners of the ground.

In the 12th minute, Barça opened the scoring after a pass from Roberto to Malcolm on the right for Brazilian striker Philippe Coutinho before the goal to score easily. In the 16th minute, Malcolm played the role of the scorer. The ball reached the right of the box to Chile's Arturo Vidal Which he raised for Malcolm, and he met her with a beautiful header in the net.

Barcelona's third goal was missed when Coutinho hit the post in the 18th minute, and Villarreal then pressed to cut the gap. Samuel Chocuizi scored the goal of reducing the gap to the yellow submarines in the minute after a first shot hit Al Qaim and then prepared him again to put it in. The goal brilliantly, to rekindle the game again after this goal.

He then continued to pressure the hosts in search of the equalizer, and they had many dangerous balls, especially by the cross-country balls of the two sides, as well as breakthroughs from the African duo Choukwezzi and Karl Icambi, and in the last minute of the first half, Luis Suarez shot a strong From a free kick that was successfully saved by Villarreal Sergio Asenjo.

At the start of the second half, Villarreal continued their attack and drew an early equalizer in the 49th minute after a game by Chokoizi towards Karl Ikambi on the right to launch the Cameroonian and hit the goal from the line of the penalty area in the corner of Stegen who acted wrongly with the ball, The minute Villarreal came up with Ramiro Mori's header on the crossbar.

In the 61st minute, Barcelona made their first substitution for Messi instead of Coutinho. Villarreal made their first appearance in the 62nd minute after a superb pass from Manu Morelans to Vicente Ibora, who faced the keeper face to face and put the ball in the net. Then hit the crossbar, turned into a corner in the 68th minute.

After finishing the corner from Santi Casola, Mario Gaspar met her with a very dangerous header next to the left post. In the 80th minute, Villarreal added the fourth goal after a long pass from Casola to substitute Carlos Paca to unseat Colombian Petr Stegen and Jarugue, Villarreal then completed the match with ten men with defender Alvaro being sent off.

Barcelona tried to exploit the numerical shortage in the ranks of the opponent, and had the opportunity to reduce when the referee was awarded a free kick close to the successful Argentine star Lionel Messi on the right of goalkeeper Sergio Essenjo in the 90th minute, Luis Suarez scored the equalizer when the ball arrived inside the penalty area to meet with his left foot, They put it very strong in Villarreal's nets.

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