Barcelona and Atlético Madrid ( 2-0 ) 🔥 Match Goals & HighLights 🔥 La Liga

Barcelona are close to winning the Primera Liga title After beating Atletico Madrid and their hosts in the round 31 match (2-0) With a score of 73 points The difference with Atletico deepens to 11 points Where the capital of the capital after the loss at 62 points, two points away from the third-placed Real Madrid.

ملخص مباراة بـرشـلـو نـة واتـلـتـيـكـو مـد ريـد 2-0 - هدفين فى اقل من دقيقه

The first attempt by Atletico was the shot by Uruguayan defender Jose Jimenez in the third minute, and in the 13th minute, Juri Alba fired a dangerous shot into the right-hand post and the defense missed the ball. Luis Suarez also fired a dangerous shot, but the bar went up in the 18th minute. Atletico's very dangerous ball from Coutinho in the 27th minute.

In the 28th minute, Atletico Madrid striker Diego Costa was sent off after a stern opposition to the referee, forcing Atletico to complete the match with 10 men. In the 34th minute, Simeone made a forced switch to Korea instead of Arias. Messi then tried a free kick on the goal, Outside the area, the goalkeeper of the capital's team, Jan Oblak, steadily held it.

After the start of the second half the pressure of the owners of the ground to progress in the meeting, they had some attempts, such as Boscic shot on the crossbar in the 51st minute, and in the 56th minute Messi launched and then struck the ball grabbed by Oblak successfully, and in 61 minutes, But it was not too dangerous, as Oblak easily held it.

In the 63rd minute, Messi set off and passed the ball to Suarez, who was alone in the keeper and tried to score, but Obelak did a great job. Malcolm then replaced Arthur in Barcelona's first substitutions. Malcolm, who made several attempts to score Luis Suarez's goal, Very impressive to the left of the guard Oblac.

The second goal came through Lionel Messi in the 87th minute after brilliantly passing into the penalty area and then surpassing José Jimenez with great skill, and the defenders and the guard, and placed quietly unrivaled to the left of Oblak, who stood watching the ball and pass to the goal, Barcelona (2-0) brings him closer to the title.

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