Barcelona and Deportivo Alaves ( 2-0 ) 🔥 Match Goals & HighLights 🔥 La Liga

Barcelona won an important win at the expense of Deportivo Alves in the match of the 34 round of the Primera Liga championship (2-0), to raise the score to 80 points, to strengthen his position at the top of the standings, and close to the title, Deportivo Alves after the defeat at 46 points, to remain in eighth place.

ملخص مباراة بـرشـلـونة وأالافـيـس 2-0 - هدف واسيست عالمى لسـواريـز

The fourth minute saw a serious attack by Barcelona, ​​a dangerous pass from Dembili to the area, to Luis Suarez, who was completely alone in the penalty area to bounce back in front of Coutinho, who tried to score but the defense kept it in the last moments, and in the 21st minute Coutinho hit the ball, but the ball of the Brazilian star rebounded from defense Deportivo Alves.

After a minute of the ball, Felipe Coutinho gave the ball a penalty, but the keeper held it firmly. In the 28th minute, Luis Suarez fired a shot but goalkeeper Pacheco made a superb save. In the 40th minute, He was met by Rodrigo Eli with a header from Mark André Ter Chetgen.

The start of the second half was a success from Barcelona, ​​who scored the first goal in the 54th minute, which came after a double pass between Sergio Roberto and Arturo Vidal ends with a pass in the direction of Suarez, who set up the ball in front of Carles Alina to successfully kick it to the right of the goal a wonderful shot, In search of a second goal to resolve the confrontation early.

Luis Suarez also scored a penalty in the 59th minute, after Lionel Messi replaced Osman Dembelli in Barcelona's first substitutions. There were some attempts, such as Messi's and Vidal's, but the score did not change, It was then that Alba replaced Simido and Arthur Milo instead of tonight's brilliant Carles Alena.

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