FC Barcelona andHuesca ( 0-0 ) 🔥 Match Goals & HighLights 🔥 La Liga

Barcelona were unable to beat hosts Huesca in the 32nd round of the Primera Liga, where the match ended with a 0-0 draw, with Barcelona lifting the score to 74 points and strengthening their position at the top of the standings. Huesca raised his lead to 25 points to stay in last place in the standings.

ملخص مباراة برشلونـة وهـويسـكا - تعثر البرسا في غياب ميـسي

The first attempt in the game was the 11th minute by David Ferreiro, but it was not difficult for Terje Stegen, and in the 17th minute Barcelona responded with a very dangerous shot after a superb pass from Ricky Boeing to Osman Dembelli, Skillfully to try the French star and turn the ball into a corner.

After the implementation of the corner, the Barcelona team threatened the goal of Huesca very dangerous ball head of the heart of Colombian defense Jason Morio, who was saved by goalkeeper Santamaria and around the corner of a new, after the executioner defender Samuel Aumetti the ball with a new head but the goal went up, and in 24 minutes Malcolm shot hit the defense Huesca team, and moved away from goal.

In the 38th minute, the ball hit the ball through Erenic Gallego, but it passed next to the post, and then a minute later had another attempt through the head of Moses Gomez, grabbed by goalkeeper Ter Stegen, and then tried to Barcelona to advance to threaten the goal of the owners and try to reach the net, But did not come again, to end the first half with a draw.

  The second half of the second half was a different one from Barcelona, ​​who pushed harder, with Dimbili firing the ball in the 57th minute, and in the 58th minute Malcolm hit the right post. In the 65th minute Dempsey fired a close shot, Instead of Dempsey and Reiki Boig to activate the attack further.

However, these changes did not have much impact on the progress of the match. There were some incomplete attempts by the team. In contrast, the home side tried in the last 10 minutes on some of the corrections that did not come as new, when Arthur Milo entered instead of Carles Alena in a third switch from Ernesto Valverde, but nothing changed, the match ended with the draw of the two teams (0-0).

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