Liverpool vs Huddersfield Town ( 5-0 ) 🔥 Match Goals & HighLihts 🔥 Premier League

Liverpool scored a 5-0 victory over home rivals Hiddersfield Town in the English Premier League round of the 36th round.

ملخص اهداف مباراة ليفربول وهيدرسفيلد تاون 5-0 - خماسية نارية وهدف صلاح

With the victory, Liverpool lifted their lead to 91 points to regain the lead, waiting for Manchester City to face Burnley on Sunday.

After the first kick, confusion in the defense of Huddersfield, the ball reaches Salah on the edge of the box to pass to Nabi, who in turn pays a ball to the net, the first goal for the benefit of the owners of the ground.

In the 23rd minute came the second goal of the Ridds, after a ball raised by Andy Robertson from the left, met in the penalty area Senegal's Sadio Mani with a wonderful header in the goal of the guests.

In the last minute of the first half, the hosts added the third goal, after a right-back Trent Alexander Arlund to Mohammed Salah, who received a brilliant touch from the goalkeeper in the goal.

In the 66th minute the fourth goal of the Red Division came with another header from Sadio Mani, after a ball by captain Gordon Henderson in a special way.

At the 82nd minute, the first goal from Shkudran Shakiri to the left of the box came to Robertson, who passed it to Salah in front of the goal, to score it successfully.

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