Liverpool and Porto ( 2-0 ) 🏆 Match Goals & HighLights 🏆 Champions League

Liverpool are close to qualifying for the semi-finals of the Champions League In the quarterfinals of the quarter-finals at Anfield on Tuesday evening at home to Porto 2-0 In the second leg of the return match at the Porto Dragao Stadium next week.

ملخص مباراة لـيـفـر بـول وبـور تــو 2-0 - مباراة قوووية - تالق صـلااااـح -رؤوف خليف

Liverpool scored their first goal in the fifth minute when James Milner sent a long ball to Mani, who passes it to Fermino in the heart of the penalty area, which passes it to Keita on the edge of the penalty area and then the Guinean hit a ball hitting the defender of Porto, The veteran Spanish star Iker Casillas.

After that goal, Liverpool were close to the visitors' goal, with Egyptian striker Mohamed Salah trying to score a dangerous shot in the 18th minute, but Iker Casillas blocked the ball. Mohammed Salah hit the ball in the 22nd minute but missed the goal. , Then the owners of the ground continued to pressure them for a second goal.

The second goal was already in the 26th minute, after Henderson sent home more than a superb header on the right hand side Trent Alexander Arnold, who passed it to Brazilian star Roberto Fermino and put it in the goal with ease, and then fired Roberto Fermino another dangerous ball 33 minutes into the match, the visitors' keeper went just wide.

At the start of the second half, Sadio Mani reached the net for Porto, but the referee did not score the goal for the sneak, and in the 63rd minute Salah tried again on the ball twice, but remained unsuccessful, and Sadio Mani fired another ball but the ball went off the field, The balls are based on the Moses Marigua Soares in the first place but without success.

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