Real Madrid and Valencia ( 1-2 ) 🔥 Match Goals & HighLights 🔥 La Liga

Valencia scored a deserved victory for Real Madrid at the meeting held on the grounds of "Mestaya" 2-1, in the third round of the Spanish Liga, Real Madrid will score at 57 in the third place, five points behind Atletico and 13 points Of Barcelona, while Valencia raised his balance to 46 points in fifth place temporarily.

ملخص مباراة ريـال مـدريـد وفـا لـنــســيــا 1-2 /سقوط الـر يـال بالثنائية

The start of the first half was quiet between the two teams amid the siege of the game in the field with a relative advantage of Real Madrid but without real seriousness, while the minute "19" the first serious attack for Valencia after a ball from Rodrigo inside the penalty area but Marcelo far, A strong guard tackled her twice on the minute "21"

Valencia claimed a penalty kick but the referee calculated a corner after using the video technology played the corner but Navas extended it and then a ball from Soller to Gonzalo Guedes who received the ball inside the area and fired a shot that hit Navas in the 34th minute. On the right side, Gameiro headed around the corner.

Gondopia fired a powerful shot from inside the penalty area but was shot just above the goal in the 37th minute. Rodrigo Moreno fired a superb shot from outside the penalty area, but shortly after the post, he sent a dangerous cross from the right. In the 45th minute, ending the first half with a 1-0 lead by Valencia.

In the second half of the game, Valencia almost scored a second goal after a counterattack ended with a relegation of Moreno to Soller, who entered the penalty area, but Navas put her into a corner inside the penalty area around Gondopia near the goal in the "52" The keeper saved her twice in the 54th minute.

In the 60th minute, Rodrigo Moreno took a right-foot shot into the penalty area and hit the ground just outside the post. Tony Crosse, Marco Ascencio and Gareth Bell Wisko came in after 63 minutes. "The reel from Soller has arrived at Kellor Navas very easy.

Lucas Vasquez came in and replaced Mariano Diaz. Valencia scored a second goal through Ezekiel Garai after a corner from Barrejo. Garay headed the ball in the net in the 84th minute. Karim Benzema fired a shot from inside the penalty area but it was easy for the keeper. A penalty for Ramos but canceled due to infiltration on the latter after the use of video technology.

Real Madrid scored the goal of reducing the gap through (Karim Benzema) corner after corner Benzima header in the net in the "90 + 3", ending the meeting after the victory of Valencia 2-1.

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