Liverpool and Porto ( 4-1 ) 🔥 Match Goals & HighLights ⚡ Champions League 🏆

Liverpool qualified for the semi-finals of the Champions League after beating Porto in the quarter-finals of the tournament 4-1 in the meeting at the stadium, "Darragao", while the return match was over by the victory of the Reds 2-0, Liverpool will face Barcelona in the semi-finals of the tournament in a prospective match.

ملخص مباراة لـيـفـربـول وبـورتـو 4-1 🔥 حفيظ دراجي

At the start of the first half of the game, Porto were able to take the lead from Coronia, who fired a shot from the left. Porto then sent a volley to Marija who hit the ball.

In the 25th minute, Liverpool scored the goal of Senegal's progress (Sadio Mani) after a ball from Mohamed Salah to Mani, who put the ball in the net but Ham Al Ghah for infiltration but calculated by the referee after the use of video technology, and then fired Brahimi from within the penalty penalty but Easy in the arms of goalkeeper Allison in the minute "30".

The game was limited to the average field without any real danger between the two teams, and then shot the Corona from outside the penalty area but it was easy for the guard in the minute "39", while Liverpool almost add a second goal after a cross from the right side of Arnold around the Minler but next to The goal is just a minute in the "45", to end the first half 1-0.

At the start of the second half, Oregi came out and replaced him by the Riddens, and then Porto sent a cross from the right side around Suarez with a header in the 53rd minute. Herrera then fired a shot from outside the box but it was easy for Allison, The game is limited to the average pitch without any risk.

In the 65th minute, Liverpool scored a second goal through Mohamed Salah after a pass from Arnold to Salah, who entered the area and hit the ball in the net against Casillas, while Porto scored the goal of reducing the gap through the young defender (Edir Miliato) After a corner with a header in the keeper Alison in the minute "68".

Liverpool missed a goal after a solitary Mani who entered the penalty area and dodged the keeper and then shot the ball in the 73rd minute, Liverpool scored a third goal through (Roberto Freminho) after a cross from Henderson around him Ferminho header, A strong ball on the line of the penalty area but next to the goal.

Liverpool scored a fourth goal through Virgil van Dyke after a corner around Manny and then reached Van Dyke, who turned it in the net with a header in the 84th minute, ending with a 4-1 win over Liverpool and a semi-final.

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