Barcelona and Celta de Vigo ( 0-2 ) 🔥 Match Goals & HighLights 🔥 La Liga

Barcelona have lost to Celta Vigo in the 36th round of the Primera Liga (0-2), with Celta lifting 40 points to 16, and Barcelona's first with 83 points.

ملخص مباراة برشلونة و سيلتا فيغو 0-2 سقوط البلاوغرانة - تعليق خليل البلوشي!

Celta Vigo threatened the goal of Barcelona striker Maximilian Gomez, who shot the crossbar in the ninth minute, and in the 20th minute, Barcelona tried with a shot by midfielder Carles Alenia, who passed the right post.

In the 31st minute, there was a dangerous ball for the hosts, after Espace lifted a dangerous ball towards Gomez, but Celsin intervened in time, and saved Celta goalkeeper Moussa Wago's dangerous shot in the 42nd minute.

The second half saw Celta Vigo win a goal after a return to the video technology, and then managed to score again through Gomez after a specially-raised ballad by Riad Boudbouz.

The referee then scored a penalty for Celtic Vigo after the ball touched the hand of Moussa Wago, for the execution of the star Yago Espace successfully against goalkeeper Silesin in the 88th minute, ending the match with the victory of Celta Vigo 2-0.

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