FC Barcelona and Liverpool ( 3-0 ) 🔥 Match Goal + HighLights ⚡ Champions League 🏆

Barcelona team put forward in the final Of the Champions League Beating Liverpool In the semi-final first leg Of the competition held at Camp Nou, stronghold of the Catalan team (3-0) In the wait for the return leg to be held on Liverpool's stronghold, the next Enfield stadium.

ملخص مباراة بـــرشـلوـة ولــفـربـول 3-0 / ثنائية مـيـسـي القاسية

The game was strong from the start, as Mohammed Salah launched a Liverpool volley in the fourth minute and passed from Jordi Alp, and tried the shot but hit the defense, and in the 12th minute Alba played a ball to Messi who tried to register, but Van Dyke intervened and further the ball, Felipe Coutinho scored a shot from outside the box, but it was easy for keeper Ellison Baker.

In the 25th minute, Liverpool made a necessary substitution by leaving injured Nabi Keita and Jordan Henderson in his place. In the 27th minute, Arturo Vidal converted a right-footed shot to Coutinho on the left, which he handed to Jordi Alba, Suarez, who came out from behind the defenders and put it in the goal brilliantly.

Liverpool tried to reply to this goal, and the most dangerous attempt was in the 37th minute after Henderson passed the ball to Mani, but the Senegalese missed the opportunity. In the final minutes of the first half, Barcelona pressed and tried to score a second goal by trying to break through, Messi and Coutinho, but the Liverpool players defended their area well and far from the danger.

In the second half, the Liverpool team pressed to score the equalizer and almost equalized in the 47th minute but the Milner shot past the post, and in the 53rd minute Mohammed Salah hit a dangerous ball, but goalkeeper Terje Stegen blocked it and threw it into a corner. Salah from the left brilliantly and passed a ball to Milner but his shot was weak.

In the 63rd minute, Barça made his first substitution by replacing Nelson Simedeau instead of Philippe Coutinho, and from a counterattack Barcelona almost added to the second goal after a superb pass from Messi to Vidal. The Chilean acted wrongly, and in the 78th minute, Inside the area and then hit the ball hit the crossbar and returned to Messi, who received her chest and calmly fired in the net empty.

The third goal came in the 82nd minute from a superb free kick to the right of goalkeeper Alison, and then tried to react Liverpool, but did not have the ability, in contrast Barcelona was seeking to add a fourth goal but his attempts were not completed, and in stoppage time paid Barcelona with Bdembelli and Alenia in place of Suarez and Roberto, to end the match after 3-0.

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