Liverpool VS Barcelona ( 4-0 ) Cra⚡y Match Goal & HighLights 🔥 Champions League 🏆 Semi-FinaL

Liverpool have made a historic comeback against Barcelona in the Champions League semi-final and qualified for the Champions League final with a 4-0 win in a fantastic game and never-ending scenario. , To qualify Liverpool in the total of the two-legged (4-3).

ملخص مباراة برشلونة و ليفربول 0-4 🔥 ريمونتادا مجنونة ـ حفيظ دراجي

The start of the Liverpool team was strong, as they managed to open the scoring in the seventh minute after a wrong pass from Alba, where the ball reached Manny, who played for Henderson, who tried to score. Stegen hit the ball, but Defoc Oriche was on time and scored the ball into the net. The owners ground their great pressure then to add a second goal.

In the 17th minute Messi passed the ball to Coutinho, who tried to score but goalkeeper Alison saved the ball to lose the opportunity to draw the visitors, and then continued the excitement of trying to Liverpool advance and register a second goal, and Barcelona's attempt to play the opposite balls and a goal to hold the task on the home team to play with great enthusiasm, But the game ended with the same result.

In the second half, he went on a corner, and Liverpool pressed for a second goal. Van Dyke tried to score a shot from Terre Stegen and a minute later Liverpool goalkeeper Alison saved Liverpool from Suarez. The second goal was added by the Dutch substitute Giorinho Venaldum brilliantly.

After that, Venandalom scored with a header after a ball from the left, making the score 3-0. Barcelona tried to respond with a very serious ball through Messi, who was saved by goalkeeper Elison. Liverpool scored the fourth goal, From a corner, to Origi in front of the goal to be awarded Belgian brilliantly in the net.

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