Egypt and Zimbabwe 1-0 ⚡ MATCH Goals & HighLights 🔥 Africa Cup of Nations 2019 🏆

Egypt defeats Zimbabwe in opening African Cup of Nations

The Egyptian team won an important and deserved victory at the expense of Zimbabwe, in the framework of the first round of the Group Stage of the African Cup of Nations, 1-0, to lift the Egyptian team to its 3 points in the top of the first group, while Zimbabwe is stuck without a balance, on That the Republic of Congo will face Uganda in the same group.

ملخص مباراة مصر وزيمبابوي 1-0 🔥 كاملة - هدف عالمي كأس افريقيا 2019

The start of the first half of the game was strong and quick on the part of the Egyptian team, as Al-Faraatah almost scored the goal of progress after a cross from Salah and head of the Zimbabwe defender to the corner in the minute "1", and then sent a cross ball into the area around Marwan Mohsen head-to-head but the guard narrowly pushed it into a corner.

In the 8th minute the Egyptian team almost scored the goal of progress after a team work between Salah and Mohsen ended with a pass from the latter to the happy who shot the ball past the keeper and followed by Trezeguet over the goal and then the Egyptian team wasted a goal after a cross from inside the penalty area Abdullah Happy over the goal.

Egypt were the best in terms of control and possession of the ball amid the adoption of Zimbabwe on the rebounds, Salah shot from inside the penalty area easy to guard, while Zimbabwe almost to catch the goal of progress after a mistake quickly played to the pellets, who shot the ball but Shennawi far away with difficulty Into a corner.

In the 41st minute, the Egyptian team managed to score a goal by Mahmoud Hassan Trezeguet after a volley from Ayman Ashraf to Trezeguet, who entered the penalty area and sprang into the net and fired a curled curl into the net. Salah then fired a powerful shot from outside the area, The goal slightly, to end the first half 1-0 to the Pharaohs.

In the second half of the game, the Egyptian team almost scored a second goal after a wonderful shot from Trezeguet but the goalkeeper to a corner in the minute "49", and then came out Marwan Muhsen and entered instead of Walid Suleiman in the "60", and then almost the Egyptian team to add A second goal through Salah but the goalkeeper put her into the corner.

In the 70th minute Abdullah Al-Saeed went out and Amr Warda came in. The Zimbabwean fired a powerful shot from outside the penalty area, but Al-Shennawi came in twice. Tarizighe came out and Dunga entered in the 80th minute. Salah almost scored a second goal with a shot from inside But the keeper saved them in the 87th minute, ending the match 1-0.

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